Did you know that you should regularly flush your brake fluid? Most people don't and here is why you should do it regularly.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic.T hat means it absorbs water like a sponge right from the air in the top of the Master Cylinder. As it absorbs water two things happen. First is that it lowers the boiling point in the brake fluid itself which can lead to a total loss of pedal pressure. Secondly, the moisture causes the brake fluid to become corrosive and it eats away at many of the parts that make the system work. This can become quite expensive as well as a safety hazard if you have a brake system failure.

The brakes create a tremendous amount of heat and the fluid in the brakes can get very hot as well. If it gets to hot the fluid can actually boil and when it boils it can go from a liquid to a gas. When it becomes a gas your brake pedal will go to the floor. That is because fluids like brake fluid don't compress and a gas is very compressible. That is the whole concept of a hydraulic brake system.

The fluid is moved by pushing on the pedal causing the brakes to work. But if there is air in the lines the pedal can be pushed and it will feel spongy and your brakes will not work properly. So if your brakes aren't working as well as they did when they were new then you may need to have the fluid flushed. The old fluid causes corrosion which is microscopic particles of rust and copper and it accelerates the wear of very expensive brake components. This is why you should fully flush your brake fluid at least once a year and no later than every two years. In addition, anytime a hydraulic component is opened or replaced, the system should be fully flushed to remove any air and corrosion.

We at Honest-1 Auto Care take the utmost care in making sure your brake system is working properly. We will test drive your car upon arrival and then test the fluid for copper and water content. After determining if the fluid needs to be replaced we use a brake fluid flushing machine to make sure all the old fluid and contaminants have been removed. We then will replace the fluid with the proper fluid designed for your car.