Check Engine Light On?

You're driving along the interstate and suddenly your check engine light comes on. What is it for? What does it mean? Do I need to stop? Can I keep going?

In most cases it simply means your cars computer system has detected some sort of problem issue or warning. Today with all the sensors that a car has on it would lead a technician in hundreds of different directions. Some cars can have as many as 50 different sensors. How do you know what to do and where to go?

Answer: One of our Honest-1 Certified Technicians Honest-1 Auto Care, because Honest-1 has invested in the finest equipment and training money can buy to figure these problems out. It can be as simple as a loose gas cap that can trigger your check engine light or it could be a transmission shift sensor telling you that you need to change the fluid in your transmission. Or it could be telling us it's too late and the transmission is bad. Or if your air filter housing box is loose.

Honest-1 Auto Care stores have invested in a computer that can scan and pull the trouble codes from the sensors on your computer from your vehicle called the Genysis. This can tell us the answers to these and many more questions about your car or engine.

If your light does come on while you are driving understand remember this. The general rule is if the car running ok you can drive it in to have it checked as soon as possible. There are so many things that could go wrong and cause that light to come on, but it is imperative that you get to your closest Honest-1 Auto Care as soon as possible. We will check that light out and give you an Honest quote.

If your car is running rough, bucking, stalling, hesitating or you just don't feel safe, then call us and we will get you towed in immediately.

And what if the light goes out? That doesn't mean it fixed itself. But the computer will save that information so we can download it and see what is wrong. Some people think if you unhook the battery it will go away. The light may go out for a while but it may be telling you that you are going to have a mechanical issue soon if not looked and fixed. It's cheaper to diagnose a problem before you breakdown than once a component breaks .So call your local Honest-1 Auto Care center and come in and we can check out those pesky lights on your dash and fix it right the first time.