The purpose of OEM Training Certifications is to ensure shops repair vehicles back to quality standards established by manufacturers. Certification programs are one way for product vendors to establish repair standards for the collision repair industry.

Most recently, auto manufacturers began implementing certification programs. That’s because technicians really have to know what they’re doing to work on modern cars. You can’t let just anybody turn a wrench, take a part off or even refinish new model vehicles and expect that the vehicle will be back to its original state and quality.

Becoming OEM certified carries numerous requirements: Training, facility location, reputation and financial stability.

We may not even recognize today’s cars by the standards that will be built within the next 10 years. Just to meet federal guidelines on fuel economy alone, it’s going to drastically change the way cars are constructed and the way they’re repaired. You must evaluate the skills and abilities of your technicians. It’s critical to establish a direction for the continual training of the technicians.

OEM Training Requirements